Devices must not be used in the following areas:
• Breast area
• Larynx/Throat
• Chest Groin area
• Eyelids
• Under brow bone

Yvonne Beaute's devices should not be used by:
• People under the age of 18
• Women who are pregnant, planning on becoming pregnant, or breastfeeding.
• People subject to seizures
• People with cancer/tumors
• People with a cardiac pacemaker
• People with implanted defibrillators/stimulators
• People with electronic implanted devices
• People suffering from a sunburn.
• People under medical care for diseases that involve photosensitivity.
• People receiving photosensitizing medications.
• People with severe acne.
• People with any skin condition, apart from mild-to-moderate acne.
• People with Fitzpatrick Skin Types V and VI.
Individuals with a known allergy to plastics should note that the device contains plastics that make contact with the skin during use. If you are uncertain about potential allergies, please consult with your healthcare provider before utilizing the device.
• People who suffers from light-induced headaches.
• People with a medical history of seizures that are triggered by light.
• People with a history of epilepsy.
• People with phlebitis, thrombophlebitis, and varicose veins.

Please consult your doctor before using our skincare devices if you have any medical concerns, illnesses, conditions like epilepsy or seizures, or have recently undergone facial surgery.

The use of the FacialFit Pro may interfere with the proper operation of electronic monitoring equipment, such as ECG monitors and alarms. Ensure that the FacialFit Pro is only utilized on healthy, intact skin.

Avoid applying stimulation with the device on or near cancerous lesions, as well as on swollen, infected, or inflamed areas or skin eruptions, such as phlebitis, thrombophlebitis, broken capillaries, and varicose veins, among others.

Use may result in potential side effects such as skin irritation or redness. Intended for adult use only. Ensure to keep out of children's reach.

Avoid applying stimulation across your chest, as introducing electrical current into this area could disrupt your heart's rhythm, potentially leading to lethal consequences.

Yvonne Beaute's skincare devices are crafted exclusively for cosmetic purposes and are intended for use by individuals in good health.

Using the FacialFit Pro may induce a mild tingling sensation. Additionally, users may perceive flashing lights during use, stemming from optic nerve stimulation. If you consistently experience this condition, and/or it occurs without using your FacialFit Pro, please consult your doctor.

Patients with suspected or diagnosed heart issues or epilepsy must be very cautious.

Exercise caution if you have a tendency to hemorrhage following acute trauma or when using the FacialFit Pro on skin areas that lack normal sensation.

Avoid using the FacialFit Pro while driving, operating machinery, or engaging in any activity where involuntary muscle contractions may pose a significant risk of injury to the user.

If you have suspected or diagnosed heart disease, adhere to the precautions recommended by your physician.

Prior to using the device following a recent surgical procedure, consult with your physician.

Adverse Reactions:
Should you encounter a persistent headache and/or other discomforting sensations during or after using the FacialFit Pro, cease usage of the device and consult with your physician.

Very Important:

This device is designed for cosmetic use on the face and neck. Yvonne Beaute and its affiliates are not responsible for any detrimental consequences arising from misuse, application to other body areas, connection to incorrect voltage sources, use of unclean conductive solution, or any other inappropriate applications.



  • EMS (Red Light)

    This setting actively energizes the skin, boosts collagen production, enhances the appearance of dark spots/circles, and minimizes fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Hot (Blue Light)

    Blue microcurrent enhances skin condition, mitigates acne, and assists in eliminating bacteria responsible for bumps and blackheads, while also boosting and revitalizing overall skin health.

  • Clean (Green Light)

    Clean mode fosters surface-level microcirculation, as well as lymphatic and swelling drainage, essentially refining your jawline while reducing facial puffiness.